NLP in Business

Tailored In-Organisation Business NLP Workshops

NLP is about modelling the skills, approaches and mindset of successful people. It's about making those resources your own and using them to create and enhance your own successful and the success of others. performance.

Sarah Frossell designs and runs in-house 5-day Diploma in Business NLP programmes for client organisations. In-house programmes are tailored to the context to the organisation. Where participants work together the programme provides an opportunity to develop a focus around shared outcomes and agreed ways of working, key elements in the development of high performance team working. These types of programmes link very well into performance management and provide the opportunity to align and build on values.

The programme content is about building on skills, achieving outcomes and developing effective and flexible behaviours. Sarah has extensive experience tailoring programmes to a number of applied contexts including; leadership development for top teams, 'coaching skills for managers' programmes aimed at building engagement and performance, trainer training, sales training, and communication skills for project managers, among others.

By delivering context-based programmes Sarah has been able to deliver exceptional results and value for client organisations who have seen their people immediately performing at higher levels.

Sarah runs the following Business NLP courses:

  • Business NLP Diploma (5 Days)
  • Business NLP Practitioner Certificate (5 Days)
  • Business NLP Master Practitioner Programme (10 days)

NLP Conference

13th - 15th November

Britannia International Hotel, London

Sarah Frossell will be speaking on

Engaging Change in Organisations

To talk to Sarah about Business NLP training for your organisation, call her on 07932 173129.