Sarah Frossell

Sarah Frossell is a highly regarded speaker and consultant with a reputation for helping organisations and individuals make significant leaps in success. Sarah spends much of her time helping businesses to create and follow their visions, missions and strategies and to uncover and develop the talents and skills of their people.

She coaches organisations, individuals and leadership teams, trains trainers, facilitators and coaches and runs high level skills and leadership workshops.

NLP Pioneer

Sarah is one of the UK's leading pioneers in NLP. First applying the approaches and techniques in education, then from the early 90's applying them in organisations looking to develop performance for their teams and individuals. Sarah's NLP programmes have a well deserved reputation for their excellence and she continues to run both open and in-house NLP programmes.

KiCubed Partner

Sarah is a partner in KiCubed, a California based organisation that trains teachers in using a challenge based project learning approach in schools.

Picture of Sarah Frossell