NLP in Business

NLP Certified Programmes

NLP is about modelling the skills, approaches and mindset of successful people. It's about making those resources your own and using them to create and enhance your own successful performance and the performance of others.

Sarah Frossell is one of the UK's best known and respected NLP Master Trainers. She started working with NLP in 1986 and has been a Master Trainer for some years, having worked with the original creators of NLP and completed her original trainer training in Toronto with Tad James and Wyatt Woodsmall in 1992. She is passionate about the potential of people and about the value of applying NLP techniques in business, personal development, leadership development and education.

Sarah runs the following Business NLP courses:

  • Business NLP Diploma (5 Days)
  • Business NLP Practitioner Certificate (5 Days)
  • Business NLP Master Practitioner Programme (10 days)
NLP Conference

13th - 15th November

Britannia International Hotel, London

Sarah Frossell will be speaking on

Engaging Change in Organisations

The courses focus on developing enhanced capability to:

  • Create effective solutions and strategies to business issues and challenges
  • Gain high levels of self awareness and strategies for delivering high performance
  • Motivate, engage and lead individuals and teams into high performance
  • Appreciate diversity and how to maximise the contribution of self and others
  • Negotiate with and influence others effectively
  • Sell - ideas, plans, products
  • Create and deliver polished formal communications

These courses are also available as in-organisation courses. To talk to Sarah about Business NLP training, call her on 07932 173129.